Marketing & PR Services

Redhead Marketing & PR’s comprehensive marketing and public relations strategies allow us to offer our clients the convenience of keeping all their communications efforts managed under one roof. The result? Consistent, compelling messaging with a high degree of efficiency which saves our clients time and money.

How Can We Grow Your Business?

Brand and Website Services

• Brand Development – Redhead Marketing & PR expertly guides our clients for an enlightening journey of discovery to uncover who they are, how they want to be perceived, what their mission is, and who their audience is. We conduct a complete brand analysis that includes exploring the competition in order to develop an intriguing brand and logo that reflects the nature of their businesses in a memorable and appropriate manner. Clients love seeing their brand come to life in various elements it’s applied to, including their website, social media, brochures, merchandise, signage, business cards, letterhead, and more.

• Website Design and Development – We believe that in addition to your logo, your website is the face of your company. It’s often the initial point of contact your customers have with you, so it’s essential to make a show stopping first impression. The Redhead team is skilled at crafting a compelling story for your company in a creative design format that best represents your brand and personality. We create exceptional websites for budgets of all sizes.

PR & Media Training

• Public Relations – Redhead has excellent national and local media contacts who report on a variety of subjects, including travel, lifestyle, real estate, business, and entertainment. We are highly experienced in crafting newsworthy press releases and customizing story pitches to specific editors and reporters, resulting in highly coveted and valuable story placement. The editorial coverage we secure for our clients lends them added credibility and awareness among consumers and their target audience. It also helps improve the SEO of their websites.

• Media Training – Whether it’s television, radio or phone interviews, talking to reporters is an art form. Developing a higher level of comfort and refining your message happens with experience, and we will help you with the essential coaching required to bring out your inner media darling.

• Photo Shoot Direction and Coordination – Redhead helps businesses develop an inventory of photography that professionally conveys their offerings. We research photographers whose skills and rates best meet the needs of our clients. After developing a shot list, we are on-site to direct the actual photo shoot.

• Partnering with Other Marketing & PR Firms – As many agencies have had to trim their staffs in recent years, some find themselves with the need to outsource projects. Redhead is available to team up with other agencies to help them best service their clients.

Direct Mail and Email Marketing

• Email Marketing – We connect clients with their audiences through strong messaging with branded eblasts that raise awareness of news, promotions and events. Email marketing is a highly targeted, cost-effective and very measurable form of marketing and controlling your message.

• Direct Mail Campaigns – Redhead is experienced with targeting the appropriate household demographics and creating messaging that caters to them. We work with top-notch local and Salt Lake City mail houses to develop ideal lists, while we write and design provocative mail pieces that make an impact.

Social Media Marketing

• Social Media Marketing – Managing our clients’ presence on social media vehicles like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Redhead creates business profiles that convey key messages and branding to enthusiasts of the product or service. We maintain communications with the audience in an engaging manner with compelling content. Tracking and measurement of social media efforts is a crucial part of the services we offer.

Traditional Advertising and Writing

• Advertising – Redhead knows media, and how to determine who our clients’ audience is and how best to reach them. We are adept at researching and negotiating the best advertising rates and recommending the most appropriate media outlets that will provide the desired exposure. The Redhead design team applies your brand and messaging to create winning ads that engage your audience.

• Writing and Editing – In need of expertly written copy? Then turn to the ones who can barely refrain from editing every Facebook post we come across or text that we receive. We are obsessively passionate about writing, whether it’s for web copy, bios, advertorials or marketing collateral. We love to edit as well, so if your existing materials could benefit from some fine tuning, we will make it captivating and grammatically correct.

Event Planning

• Event Conception, Production and Management – Whether it’s an event to showcase your product to the media, to consumers, or clients, Redhead excels in creating and executing memorable and appropriate events. We work with venues, caterers, photographers and other vendors to create the best possible event that fits our clients’ budgets and meets their goals.

“Redhead Marketing & PR, led by Hilary Reiter, is top notch. She achieved great results for my band, Troubadour 77. Together we targeted and set reasonable and achievable goals based on her counsel, and all targets were met. I have worked with several publicists over my 25 year career in the entertainment business, and my experience with Redhead/Hilary has been the most positive one with the best results. Hilary is easy to work with, a great writer (which I consider an important quality in a publicist) and not afraid to reach above and beyond the call of duty for her clients. A breath of fresh air, hard working and effective. Our band is proud to have HIiary and Redhead Marketing & PR on our team!”